Sustainable Urban Mobility

Transport in our towns and cities is a major contributor to global warming, but by making urban mobility sustainable we can reduce energy consumption, minimise air pollution, and make travel more equitable.

By combining geospatial Big Data and Machine Learning, Energeo are automating the process of collecting and analysing urban intelligence, providing a critical evidence base on which to build achievable sustainable mobility strategies.

Our geospatially driven services support applications including EV charge point roll out, bus and cycle lane implementation, Connected Autonomous Vehicle route planning, vehicular air pollution analysis, on-street parking levels and behaviour, pedestrian travel, street light upgrades and more.

Asset intelligence for decarbonising transport

Our utilisation of contemporary satellite imagery and machine led analysis delivers the evidence base on which stakeholders can build actionable strategies to make urban travel cleaner and more equitable.

Assessment of EV charging requirements

Our intelligence regarding pavement and road geometries, off-street parking availability, and on-street parking behaviour enable holistic EV infrastructure strategies to be created.

A map with roads marked as different colours showing off-steet parking availability and on-street parking behaviour

Vehicular air pollution assessment

Air quality in Cities is at dangerous – and illegal – levels. We audit and monitor the number of vehicles across entire urban areas to identify and measure vehicle based emissions.

A heat map showing the number of cars on the road across a city

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