Smart Grids & Energy Systems

The continued growth of low carbon technology has led to a rapid rise in the number of active assets on our power grid.

However, many of these assets are not documented, and the true impact on low voltage networks is unknown. Energeo provide Software as a Service platforms that enable stakeholders to better understand asset location and allow them to monitor and model current and future network impact.

Developed with support from DataPitchEU, our software solutions enhance end user’s ability to identify and measure the impact of technologies such as Solar PV and EV charging, and model the potential benefits of battery storage, flexible generation and more.

Understand clean tech network impact

Our web-based software solutions integrate near real time data feeds with bespoke geospatial intelligence to enhance understanding of the network impact of microgeneration and reverse power flow from a variety of low carbon technologies.

Identify and monitor existing assets

We enable stakeholders to pin point assets on their network, and provide a range of tools that facilitate assessment of their interaction with low-voltage power infrastructure.

Mapping current solar locations

Model future Cleantech adoption scenarios

By integrating intelligence from our Renewable & Sustainable Energy services, end users can understand and model potential future scenarios regarding low carbon technology on the network.

Mapping solar potential

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