Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Widescale adoption and implementation of sustainable and renewable energy technologies is critical to achieving the mass decarbonisation we need.

However, understanding how, why and where can be an extremely complex and time-consuming process. Energeo are streamlining and simplifying the way stakeholders identify opportunities for low carbon technologies, facilitating project aggregation and enhancing speed of deployment.

The intelligence we provide enables our clients to rapidly assess land and building suitability for a variety of low carbon technologies including; Solar PV, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Wind, Air Source Heat Pumps, Battery Storage, Loft and External Wall Insulation and more.

Unique energy insights that enable action

Our non-intrusive, automated analysis reduces initial surveying costs, accelerates the intelligence gathering process, and enables better decision making regarding deployment of low carbon technologies.

City-Scale Assessment of Solar Suitability

Solar is one of the most mature and effective technologies for generating clean and renewable energy. We deliver intelligence rapidly and at scale to facilitate wide spread implementation.

Building Energy Efficiency Analysis

Decarbonisation of existing building stock is critical to meeting climate change goals. Our insights allow rapid visualisation and identification of energy inefficient properties.

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