Energeo to Assess Solar Potential Across Lambeth’s Rooftops

Ian Dee

Geospatial Analysis to Support Authority’s Ambitious Plans to Reduce Emissions

Energeo have been chosen by London Borough of Lambeth to undertake a solar suitability assessment across the administrative area’s entire built environment, totalling almost 100,000 buildings. For the project, Energeo will utilise automated analysis of geospatial data to determine individual property roof characteristics, including pitch and aspect, alongside the usable solar suitable area and annual exposure to solar radiation.

“London Borough of Lambeth recently announced ambitious plans to become carbon neutral by 2030, with solar expected to play a major part in achieving that goal” commented Energeo CEO, Ian Dee. “Energeo are delighted to be supporting Lambeth’s plans via our innovative geospatial analysis. Our non-intrusive and automated approach will accelerate the intelligence gathering process, more rapidly providing the critical evidence base on which to build an actionable solar deployment strategy”.

The intelligence delivered by Energeo will enable London Borough of Lambeth to assess the solar potential of their own estates’ buildings, calculate the emissions reductions deliverable through a mass deployment of solar, and encourage residents and businesses to invest in solar as a way to independently generate clean energy and reduce their energy bills.

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