Energeo’s LOCATE Platform Supporting East Lothian’s EV Ambitions

Ian Dee
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Coleshill, UK, 22nd October2021

East Lothian Council (ELC) are utilising Energeo’s LOCATE platform to support a data driven approach to deployment of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Having delivered number of geospatially derived insights to ELC through previous projects, Energeo are now serving this data – including driveway probability, footway widths, on-street parking hotspots, and existing EV chargepoint locations – via LOCATE, a web-based app enabling rapid, desk-based interrogation and visualisation of locations across the County to determine current and future EV charging needs.

“We’ve developed a fantastic working relationship with East Lothian Council across various projects over the last 18-24 months” commented Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. “Their willingness to adopt disruptive methods and data driven techniques to support them in meeting their environmental goals sets a strong example, and we’re delighted that they've become early adopters of the LOCATE platform.”.

ELC’s experience using the LOCATE platform, currently a minimum viable product, will help Energeo further refine and develop the offering, including new functionality requirements and additional data layers that will facilitate the decision-making process. ELC join a number of other LOCATE early adopters, including Oxfordshire County Council, who are using the technology to assess suitable locations across Oxfordshire for multiple innovative charging technologies.

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