Energeo to Expand Solar Intelligence Product Coverage

Ian Dee

Extended Coverage to Include Local Authority Climate Emergency Areas

Energeo are to extend their off-the-shelf catalogue of solar intelligence in the UK as a result of recent automated flow-line improvements and enhanced source data availability. Individual property level rooftop PV suitability data is currently available for Abingdon, Barnsley, Bournemouth, Eyemouth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Wrexham, whilst Isle of Wight, Milton Keynes and Plymouth are currently in production. Product development will focus on towns and cities within regions where Local Authorities have declared Climate Emergencies.

"It's clear that city-scale intelligence regarding the potential to deploy low carbon technology plays a key role in the successful creation and implementation of strategies to reduce emissions and make energy cleaner, more affordable and more equitable" comments Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. "By focusing our product expansion on areas declaring Climate Emergencies we will provide ambitious Local Authorities with the critical evidence base they need to act rapidly and successfully in rolling out both solar and battery storage. Additionally, by enhancing stakeholder appreciation of asset status and potential, this data helps target and prioritise actions for maximum impact, benefit and Return on Investment".

The full list of Towns and Cities to be added to the off-the-shelf catalogue is still to be finalised. Local Authorities and other organisations interested in geospatially derived solar intelligence can benefit from discount pricing and preferential scheduling by pre-ordering data for their regions. For more information on the data itself, or to ensure intelligence for your area is included, please contact us.

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