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Mike Battersby
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A New Green Revolution?

Coleshill, UK - 20th November 2020

2020 has at last brought us something to cheer about. On the 18th November Boris Johnson outlined his 10-point plan to catalyse a new Green Revolution and create 250,000 new jobs. The plan brings £8bn of new spending to add to an already committed £4bn, with a headline announcement of a new 2030 date for the banning of new petrol and diesel vehicles, brought forward from 2040 in recognition of the urgency of our need to reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants.

Energeo sees this announcement as a major signal to the market, in advance of the COP26 conference in Glasgow next year, that the UK intends to be a global leader in decarbonisation and addressing the Climate Emergency. We appreciate that there is a long way to go to achieve these goals, and that ambition needs to be matched by action, but we fully expect to see a shift in speed to trigger the huge changes needed in the way we move, consume, live, and power our properties and businesses.

Energeo are already working with several key stakeholders around the UK to accelerate the transition to Net Zero, delivering geospatially derived intelligence as an evidence base to support pro-active decision making on the most rapid and beneficial approaches to mass decarbonisation.

Our automated analytical techniques accelerate the intelligence gathering process, reduce the costs associated with surveying, and deliver critical insights that help you make sense of complex environments. Whether you are interested in understanding the rooftop solar potential of your city, where demand for different types of EV charging might come from, which properties are in need of retrofit for improved energy efficiency, which land could be repurposed for solar or wind, or where you should plant trees for carbon sequestration, we can help.

If you would like to know more about how our products and services can support the Governments 10-point plan, or how a data driven approach can inform your own low carbon transition, please get in touch.

Contact: Mike Battersby, Director –Sales & Marketing


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