Energeo Launch Platform to Simplify EV Chargepoint Planning

Ian Dee
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Coleshill, UK - 1st June 2021

Energeo have today launched the MVP of their new LOCATE platform, designed to simplify and streamline the process of identifying and assessing potential deployment locations for Electric Vehicle Chargepoints (EVP). LOCATE combines an intuitive map-based interface, including tools to visualise and contextualise locations, with Energeo's award winning EV charging-centric data products, enabling rapid site validation direct from the desktop.

"Through multiple projects with EV charging stakeholders, it has become clear that currently identifying and assessing the most beneficial chargepoint locations is an often lengthy and disjointed process, combining physical site surveys and manual reviews of multiple data sources" commented Energeo CEO, Ian Dee. "With LOCATE, we're creating and combining critical information on the end users behalf, which is then delivered direct to their desktop. This gives the stakeholder wealth of location and asset intelligence at their fingertips - as well as the the tools to exploit it - which reduces the need for site visits, saving stakeholders time and money and streamlining the transition to electrified mobility".

Current beta users for LOCATE include Oxfordshire County Council, whilst more users from across the Public and Private sectors will be announced soon.

To discover more visit our LOCATE web-page here.

To arrange a demo, please contact us on info@energeo.co.uk

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