Energeo Joins the Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Ian Dee

Energeo bring geospatial expertise to support climate resilience

Coleshill, UK, 14th August 2020 – Energeohave joined the Green Finance Institute’s ‘Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings’ (CEEB). The CEEB aims to develop the market for financing Net Zero carbon and climate resilient buildings in the UK by accelerating the pace of financial innovation and scale up.

The CEEB is formed of global experts from financial services, local and national government, energy and construction industries, academia, and society, and will design, develop, and launch a portfolio of scalable demonstrators of new financial solutions that unlock investment into the low-carbon and resilient building sectors. Energeo’s addition to the CEEB cohort will contribute geospatial capability and expertise, complementing and enhancing existing skillsets and knowledge bases, and adding new value to the demonstrator projects.

“Energeo are honoured to have been invited to join the CEEB, and to be part of an ambitious cohort committed to improving the energy efficiency and climate resilience of the UK’s building stock ” commented Energeo CEO, Ian Dee.“Geospatial data, technology and analysis has a critical role to play in our response to the Climate Emergency, as we seek to understand - at new, increased levels of granularity - the current condition of our building stock, and to model and discover the most environmentally and financially beneficial deployment scenarios for low carbon technologies”.

Energeo CEO, Ian Dee, will be a speaker at the CEEB’s upcoming ‘Building Knowledge of Energy Efficiency' webinar, highlighting how geospatial data and technology can be utilised to create a rich evidence base on building stock condition and potential. Ian will showcase some of Energeo’s previous project work, for stakeholders including Local Authorities and Housing Associations, and demonstrate the LOCATE platform, a web based, low carbon technology deployment decision support system.


The Green Finance Institute was established in 2019 as a direct response to a key policy recommendation made by the industry-led Green Finance Task force to the UK Government in March 2018.

Sitting at the nexus of the public and private sectors, the Green Finance Institute convenes and leads sectoral coalitions of global experts, that identify and unlock barriers to investment towards impactful, real-economy outcomes, to benefit our environment, society, and business.

The Green Finance Institute are an independent, commercially focused organisation backed by government and led by bankers. We are fuelled by science and data and propelled by the creativity and ingenuity of the finance sector.

The organisation designs, develops and launches portfolios of scalable financial solutions that accelerate sector-specific transitions to a low-carbon future.


Energeo create unique data for towns, cities and stakeholders who need to reduce emissions, improve air quality, generate clean energy, or deliver sustainable mobility.

Energeo do this by digitally studying the as-built environment – using sources such as satellite imagery and digital mapping – to automatically determine the most beneficial locations to deploy low carbon technologies - such as Solar PV, heat pumps, and electric vehicle charge points – across city scale areas.

This non-intrusive approach reduces initial surveying costs and accelerates the intelligence gathering process, enabling stakeholders to focus their time and budget on deploying more low carbon technology faster, and more rapidly realising the environmental and financial benefits for their citizens and businesses.


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