Energeo to Map Oxfordshire's Renewable Energy Potential

Ian Dee

Project LEO - One of the UK's Most Ambitious Smart Grid Trials

12th February 2020, Coleshill, UK

Energeo have been selected by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) to undertake a detailed study into the potential to deploy a variety of low carbon technologies across the county. The study forms part of Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire). Funded through UK Research and Innovation’s ‘Prospering from the Energy Revolution’ programme, Project LEO is one of the most ambitious, innovative and wide-ranging smart grid projects ever undertaken in the UK. Being delivered by a consortium of nine partner organisations led by Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN), and including Oxfordshire County Council, LEO aims to create conditions that demonstrate the electricity system of the future, delivering an evidence base that can inform how we manage the transition to a smarter electricity system.

For LEO Energeo will create a number of unique datasets that outline, to an individual land parcel and property level of detail, the benefits of deploying low carbon technology. Analysis will also be undertaken to determine current land utilisation across Oxfordshire to inform strategic decisions on the location of low carbon generation to support delivery of the County’s housing growth – aiming to build 100,000 new homes in the region by 2030.

“We are absolutely delighted to be part of such a ground breaking and ambitious project, one that is already rightly being seen as an exemplar in the UK in how to plan a successful transition to a smarter, decarbonised energy system” commented Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. “Over the next 12 months we’ll be utilising a combination of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery, digital mapping and contemporary, automated data interrogation techniques to deliver to LEO a range of insights that facilitate planning for the deployment of a multitude of low carbon technologies, and to better understand those technologies impacts financially, environmentally, and on local grid infrastructure.”

Llewelyn Morgan, Head of Innovation at OCC said “the value of Energeo’s expertise in spatial data and analysis to support the low carbon transition was recognised by partners developing the funding bid for Project LEO.  We’re delighted to welcome Energeo on board and look forward to working with them on the Project.”  

Rob Saunders, UK Research and Innovation’s Challenge Director, Prospering from the Energy Revolution added: “Britain needs energy systems that are cheaper, cleaner and consumer-friendly. Project LEO has the potential to show just how innovation can deliver this energy ambition for the future.”

Project LEO will see Energeo digitally study over 2,600 square kilometres of land, 110 square kilometres of urban conurbation and over 250,000 buildings to determine their potential for low carbon technologies and the benefits of deployment. For more information on Project LEO, please visit the dedicated project website at www.project-leo.co.uk. To learn more about Energeo’s range of products and services, and discover the potential benefits to your own organisation, please visit www.energeo.co.uk or email info@energeo.co.uk

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