Energeo Analysis to Support Street Light Upgrade Programme

Ian Dee
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Energeo have been chosen to provide geospatial analysis and intelligence to support a wide scale street light upgrade programme across one of the UK’s largest conurbations.

The project, which will leverage a combination of machine learning based image analysis and GIS data interrogation, will provide the end client with a suite of information regarding street light formation and associated infrastructure geometries.

“This project is a fantastic showcase of how geospatially driven analysis can support a wide range of urban applications” commented Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. “From renewable energy to sustainable transport, we are constantly discovering new use cases for satellite imagery, aerial photography and digital mapping thanks to both the willingness of our clients to try new solutions, and the Energeo team’s innovative approach to problem solving”.

To discover more about Energeo’s urban intelligence solutions please email info@energeo.co.uk

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