Energeo Analysis to Support Bengaluru EV Charging Strategy

Ian Dee

The project is part of the 'Innovating for Clean Air' programme

Coleshill, UK - 10th November 2020

Energeo are working in collaboration with the Karnataka State’s ‘Department for Urban Land Transport’ (DULT) to deploy geospatially focused, data driven techniques to identify demand for on street and public EV charging infrastructure in areas of the state’s capital city, Bengaluru. The project, which will also assess potential barriers and constraints to deployment, is part of the Connected Places and Energy Systems Catapult’s‘ Innovating for Clean Air' (IfCA) Programme, for which Energeo were successfully selected. IfCA is a two-year UK-India joint initiative providing Indian and UK stakeholders opportunities to test interventions related to air quality and EV integration.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Karnataka State as part of the ‘Innovating for Clean Air’ programme” commented Energeo CEO, Ian Dee. “DULT are an extremely forward-thinking transport stakeholder, with a strong focus on sustainable mobility and a willingness to adopt disruptive techniques to help solve the regions transport challenges. For Energeo, this project presents an opportunity to demonstrate the ability of geospatial data and technology to be at the forefront of the response to Climate Emergency on a global basis”.

For the project, Energeo will utilise a combination of very high resolution satellite imagery and digital mapping data, alongside proprietary data provided by DULT, to; determine the availability and proliferation of off-street and private parking in key areas of Bangalore, map the quantum and locations of on-street parking, identify catchment areas and network gaps for the City’s current EV charging infrastructure, and determine the street-scape space available to safely deploy EV chargepoints in on-street locations.

To discover more about Energeo's innovative geospatial solutions for decarbonisation, email info@energeo.co.uk

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