Energeo Analyse Solar Potential of Oxfordshire's Buildings

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Rooftop Solar Potential Assessed Across Largest Conurbations

Coleshill, UK - 27th April 2020

Energeo have delivered a rooftop solar suitability study of all buildings across Oxfordshire's major urban conurbations, including: Oxford City, Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Carterton, Didcot, Eynsham, Henley, Kidlington, Wantage and Witney. The analysis was undertaken for Oxfordshire County Council and is part of Project LEO, the UK's largest Smart Grid trial. The solar intelligence was created using a combination of geospatial data and automated interrogation techniques, and will be used by the LEO partners to assess the clean energy generation potential of buildings and properties within the project's area of interest. Additionally, the data will support the identification of opportunities to deploy solar in support of the Council's Carbon Neutral targets, and to facilitate community energy projects across the County.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data was also integrated using an automated matching process, with around 60% of all buildings being attributed an EPC, representing a successful match of 98% of all certificates available for the urban conurbations. The EPC data and Solar analysis are delivered following a full County land use study to enable identification of land suitable for large scale wind and/or solar, and thermal infrared imagery of Oxford City and Eynsham to support building energy efficiency analysis.

The next stage of the project will see Energeo assess individual buildings across the main urban areas for their suitability for a ground loop style Ground Source Heat Pump.

For more information on Energeo's geospatially derived products and services for climate applications, please contact info@energeo.co.uk

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