Consortium Secures Space Agency Funding to Study Port Decarbonisation

Ian Dee

Coleshill, UK, 6th April 2021

A consortium of disruptive tech companies, including Energeo, has secured funding from the European Space Agency to undertake a feasibility study to assess how spaceborne data – including satellite imagery – can help Ports and Harbours decarbonise and meet future environmental targets. The consortium is led by software and analytics specialists Geospatial Insight and, alongside Energeo, also features Smart City consultants BABLE, and air quality and air pollution experts Redshift.

“As major centres of economic activity Ports and Harbours are often major contributors to pollution and are large consumers of energy” commented Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. “This study will allow us to help Ports identify the sources of their emissions, determine clean energy generation potential onsite, and build a long-term roadmap of implementation and continued improvement”.

The project, ‘Clean Air &Clean Harbour Energy 2022’ (CACHE22) runs for a period of 9-months, and will work directly with Belfast Harbour as end user and test bed, and also includes a wide variety of Port stakeholders including; Warrenpoint Harbour, Port of Dover, Port of Thessaloniki, and the University of Piraeus, who will help the team develop a deeper understanding of port operations, user requirements, and pain points.

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