Energeo Unlocking Energy Opportunities with Google Maps


Coleshill, UK, 20th June 2018

Energeo are utilising their Google Maps partnership to add accurate geospatial intelligence to a number of energy focused products and services, facilitating wide area identification and aggregation of renewable energy and sustainability projects to an individual property level.

“Our Google Maps partnership enables us to add extremely granular locational intelligence to our products and services, facilitating energy strategy and retrofit programme creation by our partners to an individual property level” commented Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. “This also enables easy integration of our outputs with existing datasets, and allows straight-forward ingestion into an organisation’s data management tools”.

In addition, Energeo are utilising the Google Maps APIs to create GIS compatible Energy Performance Certificates across England and Wales, and to facilitate web based data delivery via Software as a Service platforms, minimising end user need to host and manage large amounts of information or purchase third party software licenses.

To discover ore about Energeo’s products and services email info@energeo.co.uk