Energeo Undertaking Borough Wide Energy Analysis for Bournemouth


23rd April 2018, Coleshill, UK

Energeo Ltd have been commissioned to undertake a detailed, geospatially driven, borough wide energy analysis for Bournemouth Borough Council to support a variety of sustainability focused analysis.

The project will see Energeo utilise geospatial Big Data, Open Data, and Machine Learning techniques to automatically assess the solar suitability of every building within the Borough based on individual characteristics such as pitch, aspect, roof size and onward calculated financial and environmental benefits.

In addition, Energeo will also utilise airborne thermal infrared imagery to analyse building roof and external wall heat loss for all of Bournemouth's 115,000+ buildings, alongside integration of data from over 60,000 Energy Performance Certificates, delivering a comprehensive suite of energy intelligence down to an individual property level.

To discover how Energeo can support your Authority's renewable energy and sustainability ambitions, please contact us.