Energeo Helping Social Enterprise Solar Roll Out in East London

Coleshill, UK, 2nd June 2017

Energeo are supporting a social enterprise's ambitious plans for renewable energy in East London by using geospatial information to assess social housing stock, schools and university campus buildings for their solar potential. The wide ranging project aims to help mitigate fuel poverty amongst social tenants, and also reduce energy expenditure and generate onsite revenue at local educational facilities.

"The analysis undertaken by Energeo will allow the client to quickly and accurately determine the most suitable locations for solar – environmentally and financially – throughout the areas of interest" commented Ian Dee, Managing Director of Energeo. "The information delivered will enable the creation of achievable fuel poverty mitigation strategies, and support plans for local schools and universities to invest money into their students and facilities, rather than spending on energy bills".

Energeo will be providing a comprehensive suite of solar intelligence for every roof in the target area, including pitch, aspect, irradiation, potential system size, install costs and onward environmental and financial benefits. In addition to roofs, Energeo will also analyse the solar potential of car parks to generate electricity through solar car ports, and assess public rights of way for their suitability for solar canopy installation.

For more information on Energeo and our products and services, contact info@energeo.co.uk

Editors Notes

Energeo Ltd provide clients with unique insights into existing energy performance and future renewable and sustainable energy potential – whether individual sites or across entire cities or regions. By combining assessment and analysis of both the physical and socio-demographic environments, proprietary intelligence is delivered to enable clean energy strategies, promotional and marketing campaigns, or public engagement and awareness programmes, to be created to a more granular level than ever before.

Energeo has acquired a formidable reputation for its innovative approach to product and service creation and delivery; The European Space Agency (ESA) and Satellite Applications Catapult are supporting Energeo’s development of renewable energy and sustainability applications from satellite technology (the benefits of this research will be passed on directly to our commercial partners and clients), and Energeo were recent finalists in the Ordnance Survey’s ‘GeoVation’ Challenge series.

Website: www.energeo.co.uk