Energeo Providing Sustainability Intelligence to Milton Keynes Energy Programme

(L-R) GSHP Analysis, Land Use Mapping, and Solar Suitability Assessment

Harwell, UK, 10th August 2016

Energeo Ltd have been chosen to provide sustainable and renewable energy intelligence to the Community Action Platform for Energy (CAPE) programme in Milton Keynes. The CAPE platform – managed by Smart Klub - is being trialled in Milton Keynes in Q4 2016 and then prepared for wider deployment mid to late 2017, and will develop an interactive website designed to assess energy use for individuals and communities in the city.

“Energeo are extremely excited to be part of the CAPE project” commented Ian Dee, Managing Director of Energeo. ”The CAPE online platform will provide a whole suite of information to the consumer to help them make better decisions regarding their energy future. The result being a reduction in fuel poverty, more community energy schemes, a lower carbon footprint, financial savings, and job creation”.

Energeo will be providing a detailed, individual property level study of suitability for Ground Source Heat Pumps – the first study of its kind in the UK – alongside a wide area land analysis to identify sites suitable for solar farms. This intelligence will allow both home and land owners to discover the benefits of sustainable energy technologies. In addition, Energeo will provide an updated land use map of the area to support future sustainable developments.

For more information on Energeo and our products and services, contact info@energeo.co.uk

Editors Notes

Energeo Ltd are a leading provider of geospatially intelligent solutions for renewable and sustainable energy applications.

Through the innovative exploitation of digital mapping and remotely sensed earth observation data (such as satellite imagery), Energeo provide clients with unique insights into existing energy performance and future sustainable energy potential – whether individual sites or National level analysis.

By harnessing and understanding the power of geographic information, then intelligently combining with additional data sources, Energeo deliver proprietary solutions tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

Website: www.energeo.co.uk

Smart Klub connects cities and suppliers in a way that creates innovative energy projects. Every city, community and project is unique, so Smart Klub use local understanding of the landscape throughout our four phase process – Discovery, Definition, Selection and Delivery – to listen and build what works for each city, place and community.

The team behind SmartKlub provide a wealth of experience in the distributed energy sector. And it’s from their own first-hand experience in the industry that SmartKlub was conceived. They noticed that, despite cities and authorities across the UK looking for alternative ways to meet their unique energy needs in a way that benefits citizens and communities, the market was failing to provide integrated community energy projects.

Initiated by funding from E.ON, and support from Siemens, SmartKlub has been created to meet this need.

Website: http://smartklub.org/

The Community Action Platform for Energy (CAPE) will develop an interactive website designed to assess energy use for individuals and communities in Milton Keynes, with other cities and regions coming on board in 2017 and beyond.

The website will be made available free of charge to residents, community groups, landlords and local businesses. It will give them a ready-to-use tool to jump-start and scale-up energy projects, and to access opportunities for rapidly growing market for energy efficiency and renewable energy systems.

Website: https://capeproject.co.uk/