Energeo Become UK Reseller for Geospatial Insight's Dronewatch® Software

Coleshill, UK, 10th August 2016

Energeo Ltd have become a UK reseller of Geospatial Insights unique, online Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data delivery platform; Dronewatch®. Dronewatch® provides users with a single platform from which UAV video data can be accessed and analysed more accurately than ever before. Designed to allow users and professionals to get full value from UAV video data, Dronewatch® shows the position of each video frame and respective view angle in real world context against contemporary mapping, aerial photography, satellite imagery, or user uploaded schematics and backdrops.

“The Dronewatch® interface is the perfect delivery mechanism for video data acquired by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” commented Ian Dee, Managing Director of Energeo. ”Dronewatch® requires no software download by the end user, and removes the need for them to host and manage large datasets in-house. To be able to deliver the results of Energeo’s own renewable energy focused UAV solutions - such as thermal analysis of solar installations - directly via the Dronewatch® platform, allows us to provide a truly end-to-end service”.

By utilising the Dronewatch® platform as its primary delivery method, Energeo will present end users with the opportunity to analyse thermal infrared video of solar farm inspections – amongst other UAV data – to a new level of detail. By simultaneously viewing the video data and mapping or site schematics on screen via independent windows, enhanced visualisation and contextualisation of the acquired video data is possible, facilitating interpretation of module anomalies and hot-spots and their location within the site.

For more information on Dronewatch® and Energeo’s other services, contact info@energeo.co.uk


Editors Notes

Energeo Ltd are a leading provider of geospatially intelligent solutions for renewable and sustainable energy applications.

Through the innovative exploitation of digital mapping and remotely sensed earth observation data (such as satellite imagery), Energeo provide clients with unique insights into existing energy performance and future sustainable energy potential – whether individual sites or National level analysis.

By harnessing and understanding the power of geographic information, then intelligently combining with additional data sources, Energeo deliver proprietary solutions tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

Website: www.energeo.co.uk

Geospatial Insight is Europe’s leading provider of independent research derived from the analysis of satellite imagery and the integration of this intelligence with a range of other data sources. We deliver these differentiated insights as investment research to the finance sector, business intelligence for corporate clients and CAT event loss estimation and claims analysis services for the insurance sector.

The independence of Geospatial Insight’s investment research for the finance sector is assured by our membership of the European Association of Independent Research Providers.

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