Energeo to Lead Round Table Discussions at Worcestershire Energy Conference


Coleshill, UK, 22nd January 2019

Energeo Ltd will be attending the 2nd annual Business Energy and Innovation Conference in Worcester on 20th March 2019. Due to last years success, this year sees a joint conference with the Low Carbon Opportunity Programme (LoCOP). At the free-to-attend event businesses can hear from expert speakers, see some of the latest innovations and energy-efficient projects in action, and learn about available grants to help reduce carbon footprints and make financial savings.

Energeo will be exhibiting as part of the events technology marketplace, where we will showcase the latest geospatially driven products and services supporting sustainable technology adoption, from rooftop solar PV through to EV charging infrastructure. Energeo CEO, Ian Dee, will also be leading one of the events round table discussions, where delegates, exhibitors and industry experts will be able to share their experiences and knowledge on some of the key themes of the day.

Energeo CEO's Review of 2018 and Look Ahead to 2019

Energeo CEO, Ian Dee

Energeo CEO, Ian Dee

Coleshill, UK, 21st January 2019

Happy New Year!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who contributed to Energeo’s success in 2018. Be that as a colleague, partner or client, it is very much appreciated, and you have helped drive the business forward greatly over the last 12 months.

2018 was transformational . . .

2018 was a year of growth for Energeo in many ways. Our order intake grew significantly against 2017, we added to our Business Development team, and we have expanded our portfolio of sustainability focused products and services to include intelligence that supports Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure deployment and Low Voltage network management. Our reputation as a geospatial innovator continues to grow, which in-turn ensures our credibility and that interest in the solutions we offer grows too.

Our EV focused work has been a catalyst for much of this growth. The service started 2018 as one idea amongst many others discussed with Bournemouth Borough Council but, with support and funding from the UK Space Agency’s ‘Space for Smarter Government’ programme, continued end user support and direction from Bournemouth, and a fantastically innovative approach from the team, blossomed into something I’m not sure anyone involved truly anticipated!

Then UK Science Minister, Sam Gyimah, described the project as “demonstrating the potential of satellite technology to benefit life on earth with innovative solutions”, whilst intelligence specialists Compelo named the work as one of ‘5 key projects readying Britain for take-off’ in the International Space Sector.

The Energeo team attended and exhibited at several events throughout 2018. These included exhibiting at 3PPP’s fantastic ‘Low Carbon Scotland’ and ‘Low Carbon Britain’ shows, and Climate Change Solution’s brilliant ‘Making Places Last’ conference – our 3rd year running at each of these events. We also attended the Cenex ‘Low Carbon Vehicle’ conference, and ‘Fleet Live’. The potential partners, suppliers and customers we met at these events will be critical to continued growth in 2019.

In addition to the EV work, we also worked alongside SmartKlub and the Satellite Applications Catapult on a project – Easy Energy Engager - to assess the feasibility of creating on online brokering system for renewable energy technology, supported one of the UK’s largest housing associations retrofit programme by delivering solar PV and building heat loss intelligence, assessed the rooftop solar potential of over 250,000 buildings across Bournemouth, Barnsley, Newcastle, North Wales and the Scottish Borders, and added locational intelligence to over 60,000 Energy Performance Certificates to allow them to be easily visualised and interrogated.

What’s in store in 2019?

2019 has started very much as 2018 ended – busily! This year we’ll be continuing to develop our EV offering to support point-of-destination infrastructure implementation and grid impact analysis of charging infrastructure installation, amongst other things. Our clients also continue to come up with myriad new uses for the EV data, including facilitation of cycle and bus lane planning and streetlight upgrade programmes. Additionally, we can now deliver the data via a Software as a Service platform, which removes end user need to host and manage data, and provides an intuitive toolkit for data visualisation, contextualisation and interrogation.

We’re hoping to announce significant news on upcoming projects later in Q1, projects which span Public and Private sector and feature delivery of products and services from every part of our portfolio. Also, please keep an eye out for an update soon regarding further expansion to the Energeo team – something everyone involved is extremely excited about!

We’ll again be exhibiting at Low Carbon Scotland, Low Carbon Britain, and Making Places Last, and will also be part of the marketplace at this years Business Energy Efficiency/Low Carbon Opportunity event. In addition, we’re hoping to have a presence at this years Cenex LCV conference, and we’ll also be part of the UK Space Applications event in London this month. We’re really looking forward to meeting old friends, and making many new ones, throughout the year.

On a personal note, 2019 has started with the surprise news that NewSpace People have named me in their 2018/19 Global Ranking of the Top 200 movers and shakers in the space industry – a massive, albeit pleasant, surprise, and I’m honoured to be considered part of such a fantastic group of space innovators. This is a team effort, and this news reflects the hard work of the entire Energeo family.

Once again I’d like to extend my gratitude to the Energeo team, and all our partners, suppliers and customers, for making 2018 so special, and for making 2019 an even more exciting prospect!

Thank you for being part of Energeo’s journey, we look forward to growing with you in 2019.

Ian Dee

21st January 2019

Energeo CEO Named in Space Industry's Global Leaders List


Coleshill, UK, 16th January 2019

Energeo CEO Ian Dee has been included in the NewSpace People 2018/2019 Global Ranking of the top 200 movers and shakers in the global Space Industry. Ian commented: -

“It’s an honour - and a shock, in all honesty! - to be included in NewSpace People’s top 200 space industry ‘movers and shakers’ rankings. I believe this is a reflection of the hard work of the whole Energeo team, as we push to make geospatial data and technology a key part of the transition to a low carbon economy”.

Ian’s recent interview with NewSpace People can be read here.

Energeo Begin Assessment of Plymouth's Streets for EV Charging Potential

Plymouth, UK, image (c) CruiseMapper

Plymouth, UK, image (c) CruiseMapper

Coleshill, UK, 7th January 2019

Energeo Ltd will this month begin to undertake an assessment into the suitability of streets across the City of Plymouth to determine their suitability for siting Electric Vehicle charge points. The analysis, which is being undertaken as part of a wider project across the area with a focus on retractable charging infrastructure, will see Energeo utilise a combination of geospatial Big Data, socio-demographic insights, LV network intelligence, and Machine Learning to automatically identify potential installation sites.

For more information please contact info@energeo.co.uk

Energeo Deliver Intelligence to Bournemouth to Support Electric Vehicle Charging

Bournemouth streets coloured by average pavement width (brightest = widest)

Bournemouth streets coloured by average pavement width (brightest = widest)

Coleshill, UK, 12th November 2018

Energeo have delivered a comprehensive suite of geospatially derived intelligence to Bournemouth Borough Council, which will be used by the Authority to support the roll out of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure within the area. The project, funded by the UK Space Agency, has seen Energeo utilise satellite imagery and Machine Learning to extract information critical to on-street EV charge point installation.

“This project demonstrates the massive potential for geospatial data and technology to play a key role in the transition to low emission vehicles” commented Energeo CEO, Ian Dee. “Utilising satellite imagery and Machine Learning to identify and measure key assets and infrastructure reduces site survey requirements, enables rapid response to resident and business enquiries, and provides a Borough wide evidence base for proactive strategy building”.

The project, which has been praised by UK Science Minister Sam Gyimah and named in the UK Space Sectors ‘5 Key Projects’, has seen Energeo deliver Borough wide intelligence to Bournemouth Council on pavement widths, pavement obstructions, on-street parking levels, private driveway locations, and street light locations, via an intuitive Software as a Service platform.

For more information email info@energeo.co.uk

On-street EV Charging Project Secures Government Funding


Coleshill, UK, 18th October 2018

A consortium featuring Energeo, Plymouth City Council, Duku, and Urban Electric, led by V2G EVSE, has been awarded funding by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) as part of Innovate UK’s “Electric Vehicle Charging for Public Spaces” call. The consortium’s project, Inconspicuous Smart On Street Charging (ISOSEC), will assess the feasibility of combining Urban Electric’s retractable charging posts with V2G EVSE’s standards-compliant V2X-ready smart charging station controller.

“It’s fantastic news that our team’s innovative approach to on-street Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure has been recognised by OLEV as having the potential to make a real difference to how people - especially in areas with a dearth of private or off-street parking - charge their EV’s now and in the future” commented Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. “For Energeo, this is an important next-step in the development of our geospatially driven Electric Vehicle infrastructure services, and will allow us to build on the successful work undertaken with Bournemouth Borough Council recently which was named as one of the 5 key projects in the UK Space sector right now”.

For ISOSEC, Energeo will utilise geospatial big data and machine learning to automatically identify and measure assets influencing on-street charge point installation in order to determine optimal install locations that consider; utilisation, access and safety, parking constraints or regulations, and potential to deliver grid services to District Network Operators.

For more information on ISOSEC please contact info@energeo.co.uk

Energeo Finalists in 'Big Data for Big Business' Competition


Coleshill, UK, 9th October 2018

Energeo have been selected as one of 3 finalists in the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Masters ‘CGI Big Data for Big Business Challenge’. The challenge specifically looked for solutions with global potential that use Copernicus data to address real business problems. Winners will be announced in December.

“Reaching the final stages of the Copernicus Masters ‘CGI Big Data for Big Business Challenge’ is a fantastic achievement for Energeo” commented Energeo CEO, Ian Dee. “It is further confirmation that our innovative approach to problem solving, that leverages the power of geospatial technology and data, is having a positive impact and can help to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy”.

Energeo’s proposition utilises Copernicus data, amongst other geospatial data sources, as a platform to enables users to automatically identify, aggregate and develop renewable energy and sustainability projects. For more information about the competition, or to learn more about Energeo’s products and services, contact us on info@energeo.co.uk

Energeo To Showcase Energy and EV Capabilities at Ordnance Survey Event


Coleshill, UK, 3rd September 2018

Energeo will be showcasing their geospatially driven Energy and Electric Vehicle products and services at this year's Ordnance Survey Infrastructure Conference, held on 30th October in London. The event will focus on digital strategy, data management, data quality, and data processing, and will see presentations and discussion from organisations including UK Power Networks, Network Rail, and the Geospatial Commission.

"These events offer Ordnance Survey Partners, such as Energeo, a fantastic opportunity to showcase our solutions to organisations with a real desire to utilise geospatial technology and data to improve their operations" commented Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. "Additionally, the OS Partner network is an extremely collaborative environment, so as well as meeting potential new clients and customers the event presents a real chance to develop relationships with innovative suppliers and collaborators".

Energeo will exhibit at the event, and will be discussing their work analysing the impact of microgeneration on the power grid, as well as their recent Electric Vehicle project in Bournemouth, which was praised by UK Science Minister Sam Gyimah as demonstrating "the potential of satellite technology to benefit life on Earth with innovative solutions".

To pre-book a meeting with Energeo at the event, please email info@energeo.co.uk

Energeo's EV Work Named in UK Space Sectors '5 Key Projects'


Coleshill, UK, 31st August 2018

Energeo's UK Space Agency 'Space for Smarter Government' programme funded electric vehicle project in Bournemouth has been named as one of '5 key projects readying Britain for take off' in the International Space Sector by media and intelligence specialists Compelo. The work being undertaken by Energeo has also been praised by UK Science Minister Sam Gyimah. The project, which utilises Very High Resolution satellite imagery and Machine Learning, is supporting Bournemouth Borough Council's ambitious EV charge point roll out plans and is described by Mr Gyimah as demonstrating "the potential of satellite technology to benefit life on Earth with innovative solutions".

"To have this project recognised by Mr Gyimah and Compelo as key to the growth of the UK space sector is fantastic, and everyone involved is rightly extremely proud" commented Ian Dee, CEO of Energeo Ltd. "The work being undertaken will not only help Bournemouth Borough Council ensure their residents and businesses have the necessary onward access to EV charging infrastructure, but will also facilitate access to Government grants to support on-and-off-street charge point installation and maintenance. The global nature of satellite imagery and geospatial big data will allow Energeo to roll this service out not just in the UK, but internationally too, further supporting the wider growth of the UK Space sector".

To discover more about the project and the work being undertaken in Bournemouth by Energeo Ltd, please email info@energeo.co.uk or get in touch via our 'Contact Us' page.

Energeo Deliver Solar Intelligence to Borough Council


Coleshill, UK, 28th August 2018

Energeo Ltd have successfully completed a renewable energy study on behalf of Bournemouth Borough Council, assessing over 100,000 buildings for their solar potential. The study, which utilised a combination of geospatial Big Data, Open Data and automated analytics, also included attribution of Energy Performance Certificates to over 60,000 properties.

"We're extremely proud to have been asked to deliver such a rich, detailed suite of intelligence to Bournemouth Borough Council" said Ian Dee, CEO of Energeo Ltd. "This project not only showcases the automated data analysis techniques we're developing, but also the potential for geospatial data and technology to make a real difference in accelerating the transition to a low carbon technology".

Bournemouth Borough Council will utilise the GIS compatible outputs in a number of ways, including; emissions reduction planning, fuel poverty mitigation, energy cost reduction, infrastructure electrification, and Electric Vehicle charge point roll out in conjunction with Energeo's machine learning based pavement width and driveway analysis.

To learn more about Energeo's products and services email info@energeo.co.uk