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Coleshill, UK, 1st April 2019

Energeo’s CMO, Mike Battersby, was in the USA recently on a UK delegation showcasing energy innovation by British companies. Mike’s written a short blog, which you can read below.

“So that was an intense week! What a privilege to represent our country as one of the most promising Greentech/Cleantech businesses, and, what company we were in. As a Brit you must tread a little carefully in the home of the original Tea Party, the Boston massacre and the Declaration of Independence.

The visit was a collaboration between the UK research and innovation arm of BEIS (Business energy and industrial strategy) innovate UK, FCO and Coventry University. Thank you to all who worked so hard to put the trip together. At times herding cats would have been easier! But we got there, and I think we made an impression.

What did I learn? Well for a start the US energy market is a lot different from ours although many of the challenges in Massachusetts (Ma) are common to us. Big picture…we all rely on fossil fuels to keep the lights on and (in Boston) the rooms cool. In Ma the average temperature in January is -5 and in summer around 25. The housing stock is old and leaky, the energy grid systems are old and equally leaky. I heard an estimate of 50% losses in gas around the network!

Change is coming………the Mayor of Boston recently set a challenge to decarbonise city energy systems entirely by 2050. Does anyone know how to do that? Well, frankly, no, but the people at the Boston University Institute of Sustainability were brave enough to start research on how it might be possible and they have published initial findings in document ( that will eventually set out the scale of challenge and actions that need to be taken. That’s a pretty big deal in a country that withdrew from the Paris Accord and relies quite a lot on fracked gas and vast quantities of oil.

OK but Boston is also home to MIT, Harvard, North Eastern University, Boston University, U Mass Lowell and Greentown Labs (a leading global incubator for the Greentech/Cleantech sector). We visited them all and shared ideas and we should be proud of what we have here in the UK. Collaboration is going to be best in this sector - although its pretty clear private money doesn’t flow naturally into energy. Energy transition is long term, costs billions and offers lower returns than other sectors but by collaborating and sharing ideas we can all move quicker. Maybe we need a Greentown Labs in the UK?

So here are my take outs. Energy is complex and political. There are big technical scientific challenges ahead that must be solved before we can live at current levels of consumption and be carbon free. We don’t have all the solutions, but we have a rough idea which is a good start. Academics working in this field are brilliant and supported by great institutions. If politicians can be brave enough to lead, then maybe more money will flow into the sector. In the meantime, climate change happens, and the financial and human costs rise.

Did the Americans know how to get to the moon in 1962 when John F Kennedy made his famous moon speech at the Rice stadium? No. But they did it. Will Boston be carbon free in 2050? Don’t bet against it. I’m also confident that the bridges we built last week will come to collaboration and business flowing. At Energeo we are often the start point in the journey and I’m quietly confident that we will be returning to the North Eastern USA to play a small part in the next revolution to start there. "

Energeo Analysis to Support Street Light Upgrade Programme


Coleshill, UK, 21st March 2019

Energeo have been chosen to provide geospatial analysis and intelligence to support a wide scale street light upgrade programme across one of the UK’s largest conurbations. The project, which will leverage a combination of machine learning based image analysis and GIS data interrogation, will provide the end client with a suite of information regarding street light formation and associated infrastructure geometries.

“This project is a fantastic showcase of how geospatially driven analysis can support a wide range of urban applications” commented Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. “From renewable energy to sustainable transport, we are constantly discovering new use cases for satellite imagery, aerial photography and digital mapping thanks to both the willingness of our clients to try new solutions, and the Energeo team’s innovative approach to problem solving”.

To discover more about Energeo’s urban intelligence solutions please email

Energeo Add Software Developer to Growing Team


Coleshill, UK, 14th March 2018

Due to ongoing growth and recent success securing funding via DataPitch, Energeo have further expanded their growing team with the addition of a new Software Developer. Jamie Lindsay joins Energeo this month, and will focus on the development of the Software as a Service based ‘Energy Project Identification Platform’, including the integration of near-real time Low Voltage network data (available to Energeo via the Western Power Distribution ‘OpenLV’ programme), and integration of additional intelligence via Energeo’s recently extended Google Maps partnership.

Welcome Jamie!

Energeo Secure Product Development Funding


Coleshill, UK, 11th March 2019

Energeo have secured funding to develop a geospatially driven, Software as a Service (SaaS) based Energy Project Identification Platform. The platform will help stakeholders and developers determine the most appropriate renewable energy technology mix to meet climate change mitigation targets and understand the impact on our electricity infrastructure. The funding, from DataPitch, is part of a 6-month accelerator programme that will run to September 2019.

“This funding award will enable Energeo to build on our existing web based software solutions and create a truly valuable tool to help stakeholders reduce emissions, save energy and money, mitigate fuel poverty, build property retrofit programmes, and more” commented Energeo CEO, Ian Dee. “It also gives us the opportunity to add further skills in Software Development and GIS/Remote Sensing to the team, which we’ll be announcing in the next few weeks. In addition, this award shows yet again that our innovative approach to problem solving using geospatial data and technology is creating real world value”.

The project will also see Energeo further automate their data interrogation work-flows, and integrate near-real time data feeds from OpenLV. Energeo will work with Local Authority end-users to test the platform in a real world environment across a variety of regions through the UK. If you’d like to know more about the project, or are a Local Authority who would be interested in testing the platform, please contact Energeo on

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 732506

Energeo Selected to Showcase UK Energy Innovation in the US


Coleshill, UK, 18th February 2019

Energeo have been selected to visit the USA as part of a showcase of UK energy innovation. The fully funded visit, organised by the Global Business Innovation Programme as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund’s ‘Prospering from the Energy Revolution’ scheme, will see a small group of UK businesses offering innovative energy services visit Massachusetts in March.

The visit will allow Energeo to demonstrate their geospatially driven solutions for renewable energy, power infrastructure and electric vehicles direct to potential US customers, and experience the latest developments in the US sector through visits to selected research establishments. In addition, access to the AEE East Conference & Expo is included as part of the visit, providing the opportunity to network with a wide variety of potential clients, collaborators and investors.

The visit runs from 17th to 22nd March 2019.

Energeo Electric Vehicle Work Subject of UK Space Agency Case Study


Coleshill, UK, 4th February 2019

Energeo’s recent Electric Vehicle project in Bournemouth is the subject of a new UK Space Agency case study, which you can read here. The project, which leveraged the power of satellite imagery and machine learning to support Bournemouth Borough Council’s EV charging infrastructure implementation plans, was part of the UK Space Agency’s ‘Space for Smarter Government Programme’ (SSGP).

During the project Energeo successfully identified and measured features and assets across Bournemouth’s entire administrative area that influence on-street charge point implementation, including pavement and road geometries, street light column positioning, parking constraints and congestion, and private parking availability.

An Energeo case study on the work is also available - please email for a copy.

Energeo CEO Presents at UK Space Agency Event in London


Coleshill, UK, 4th February 2019

Energeo CEO, Ian Dee, last week presented at the UK Space Agency’s Space Applications Networking Event (#SANE19) at St Mary’s Church in London. The event brought together organisations involved in the UK Space Agency’s Space for Smarter Government and International Partnership programmes to discuss applications for satellite intelligence with the wider space community, including data providers, academics, Government bodies, and potential customers.

Ian presented on Energeo’s recent work in Bournemouth, where very high resolution satellite imagery has been utilised, alongside machine learning analytical techniques, to automatically identify and measure features and assets associated with the implementation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, such as pavement and road geometries, streetlight column positioning, parking constraints and congestion, and private driveway availability.

Energeo also exhibited at the event, and would like to extend our thanks to UK Space Agency for organising a fantastic conference, and to those who took the time to listen to Ian’s presentation or stop by the Energeo booth for a chat.

Energeo Expand Commercial Team with Experienced Appointments

Coleshill, UK - 29th January 2019

Energeo Ltd has expanded its commercial team with the addition of two experienced new members:

Mike Battersby

Mike joins Energeo as Chief Marketing Officer, and will focus on establishing our UK presence and expanding our international client base. Mike will also support CEO Ian Dee on overall Energeo strategy and wider business planning.

Mike is a Chartered Banker, Social Entrepreneur and experienced Company Director with a strong track record across renewable energy and low carbon technology, community energy and new energy market creation, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Dan Hughes

Dan joins Energeo as Business Development Manager, and will predominantly focus on managing the growth of our Big Data and Machine Learning driven sustainable mobility, transport and infrastructure services into the Private Sector.

Dan has over 20 years experience delivering innovative, geospatial solutions to the energy and power sectors, including across the Oil, Gas and Minerals industries. Dan also brings a wealth of knowledge on the wider applications of satellite imagery to the business.

Energeo CEO, Ian Dee, commented “Mike and Dan joining the Energeo team will provide us with a wealth of experience across key growth areas for the business in artificial intelligence, satellite technology and machine learning. In addition, their appointments reflect Energeo’s current positive trajectory, and our ambition to sustain momentum and remain at the forefront of the provision of geospatial intelligence to the low carbon sector. I can’t wait to start working with Mike and Dan, and want to extend a warm welcome to them from the Energeo team”.

Energeo to Present and Exhibit at UK Space Event


Coleshill, UK, 29th January 2019

Energeo will be attending the UK Space Agency Applications Networking Event in London this Wednesday (30th January). The event will bring together space application developers, investors and funding bodies, to grow new ideas, make connections and support the UK Space sector.

Energeo CEO, Ian Dee, will be presenting on leveraging the power of satellite imagery and machine learning to support the city scale roll out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Ian will also be present on the Energeo stand in the exhibition section of the event .

If you’re attending and would like to speak to Ian about any of Energeo’s products or services, please email us on

Energeo to Lead Round Table Discussions at Worcestershire Energy Conference


Coleshill, UK, 22nd January 2019

Energeo Ltd will be attending the 2nd annual Business Energy and Innovation Conference in Worcester on 20th March 2019. Due to last years success, this year sees a joint conference with the Low Carbon Opportunity Programme (LoCOP). At the free-to-attend event businesses can hear from expert speakers, see some of the latest innovations and energy-efficient projects in action, and learn about available grants to help reduce carbon footprints and make financial savings.

Energeo will be exhibiting as part of the events technology marketplace, where we will showcase the latest geospatially driven products and services supporting sustainable technology adoption, from rooftop solar PV through to EV charging infrastructure. Energeo CEO, Ian Dee, will also be leading one of the events round table discussions, where delegates, exhibitors and industry experts will be able to share their experiences and knowledge on some of the key themes of the day.