Energeo Supporting Low Carbon Britain at London Event

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Coleshill, UK, 13th August 2018

Energeo Ltd will be supporting this years Low Carbon Britain event in London on November 8th. Low Carbon Britain is a unique conference that addresses Great Britain's current carbon reduction position, with talks from those leading and driving the policies and proposals. The conference will examine how public sector organisations - along with towns, villages and cities - can reduce their carbon emissions.

"We're absolutely delighted to be supporting Low Carbon Britain this year" said Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. "We've been involved in the event previously, including the sister conference in Scotland, and have always found the content relevant and fascinating, and the delegates and exhibitors to be extremely engaged in proactive carbon reduction."

Energeo will be their to showcase their range of geospatial Big Data solutions, including services to support the roll out of Electric Vehicle charge points, monitor urban on street parking, assess solar suitability and analyse building energy efficiency. Email info@energeo.co.uk to arrange to meet the Energeo team at the event.

Energeo to Demonstrate Geospatially Driven Energy Services at West Midlands Event


Coleshill, UK, 20th June 2018

Energeo will showcase their geospatially driven big data products and services at this years ‘Making Places Last’ event in Birmingham. The event is the 4th in an annual series focusing on Sustainable Homes and Communities, and will present case study evidence that innovative products and solutions are available now to ensure we develop sustainable communities.

“Making Places Last is a fantastic event bringing together a cohort of organisations and individuals committed to building sustainable communities” said Energeo CEO, Ian Dee. “This will be Energeo’s 3rd successive attendance at what is always a great conference, and we’ll outlining how our energy focused products and services – driven by geospatial big data and analytics – can support the push towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”.

Energeo will be exhibiting at the event, and will showcase a suit of renewable energy and sustainability focused products and services including; rooftop solar potential analysis, large scale solar/wind potential assessment, ASHP/GSHP suitability analysis, building heat loss measurement, EV charge point location identification, and geographically intelligent Energy Performance Certificates.

To learn more about Energeo products and services email info@energeo.co.uk

Energeo Unlocking Energy Opportunities with Google Maps


Coleshill, UK, 20th June 2018

Energeo are utilising their Google Maps partnership to add accurate geospatial intelligence to a number of energy focused products and services, facilitating wide area identification and aggregation of renewable energy and sustainability projects to an individual property level.

“Our Google Maps partnership enables us to add extremely granular locational intelligence to our products and services, facilitating energy strategy and retrofit programme creation by our partners to an individual property level” commented Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. “This also enables easy integration of our outputs with existing datasets, and allows straight-forward ingestion into an organisation’s data management tools”.

In addition, Energeo are utilising the Google Maps APIs to create GIS compatible Energy Performance Certificates across England and Wales, and to facilitate web based data delivery via Software as a Service platforms, minimising end user need to host and manage large amounts of information or purchase third party software licenses.

To discover ore about Energeo’s products and services email info@energeo.co.uk

Geospatially Intelligent Energy Performance Certificates


Coleshill, UK, 20th June 2018

Energeo are delighted to announce it can now provide clients with geospatially intelligent Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data for England and Wales, covering both domestic and non-domestic properties. EPCs are required when a property is constructed, sold or let, and outline the current and potential energy performance of a property, and also suggest performance enhancing measures.

“The addition of geospatial intelligence to EPCs enables much greater analytical opportunities” commented Energeo CEO, Ian Dee. “by geocoding the EPCs we facilitate their integration into other geographic datasets and property management systems, and make deeper assessments possible via improved visualisation and contextualisation of the information. By providing our customers with these additional locational insights we can accelerate the wider adoption of renewable and sustainable energy technologies, and unlock retrofit opportunities across all property types and tenures”.

Energeo EPCs can be delivered in GIS compatible formats or as a database with locational intelligence included. EPCs are available as a standalone product, and as part of a wider suite of property data including solar potential, ASHP/GSHP potential, building roof and external wall heat loss levels, and external wall square meterage.

For more information on Energeo EPCs please email info@energeo.co.uk

New Social Housing Case Study Outlines Benefits of Geospatial Intelligence


Coleshill, UK,  19th June 2018

Energeo have released a new case study outlining the benefits geospatially derived energy intelligence delivers to support the management of large property portfolios. The case study, which centres on recent work within Oxfordshire in collaboration with a major Housing Association, additionally highlights how location based insights can facilitate the creation of property retrofit strategies.

“The innovative exploitation of geospatial data can help owners or managers of large property portfolios in a number of ways” commented Ian Dee, Energeo CEO. “Energeo’s outputs enabled desk based, objective analysis of individual property energy efficiency and renewable energy potential, removing the initial need for costly, time consuming and intrusive site surveys. In addition, the intelligence enabled the Housing Association to audit the success of previous measures, plan ongoing retrofit programmes more effectively, and plug data gaps to improve portfolio knowledge”.

The data provided by Energeo included building roof and external wall heat loss, external wall area measurements, and solar PV potential. Intelligence was delivered in GIS compatible formats to facilitate integration with the Housing Association's existing property management system, and to enable cross-compatibility with other Sovereign departments.

For more information regarding Energeo products and services email info@enereo.co.uk

Energeo Among Winners in Network Innovation Competition


Coleshill, UK, 6th June 2018

Energeo Ltd have been named as one of a small group of winners in Western Power Distribution's (WPD) OpenLV innovation competition. The competition will provide the successful entrants with access to near real time substation data from a number of locations across the WPD operational area.

Energeo will look to integrate the substation data into their own suite of geospatially driven solutions for renewable energy and sustainability - including solar, air source and ground source heat, building energy efficiency and EV charge point roll out - in order to facilitate and accelerate project identification and aggregation.

Energeo CEO, Ian Dee, commented "We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen as one of the winners of the OpenLV competition from what was an extremely strong field. The integration of near real time substation data into our suite of services enables us to provide enhanced intelligence to clients regarding energy project potential." Ian Dee added "This also continues our formidable record of innovation alongside our previous successes with the European Space Agency, Ordnance Survey's Geovation Competition, Innovate UK and more recently UK Space Agency".

For more information contact us

Energeo Undertaking Borough Wide Energy Analysis for Bournemouth


23rd April 2018, Coleshill, UK

Energeo Ltd have been commissioned to undertake a detailed, geospatially driven, borough wide energy analysis for Bournemouth Borough Council to support a variety of sustainability focused analysis.

The project will see Energeo utilise geospatial Big Data, Open Data, and Machine Learning techniques to automatically assess the solar suitability of every building within the Borough based on individual characteristics such as pitch, aspect, roof size and onward calculated financial and environmental benefits.

In addition, Energeo will also utilise airborne thermal infrared imagery to analyse building roof and external wall heat loss for all of Bournemouth's 115,000+ buildings, alongside integration of data from over 60,000 Energy Performance Certificates, delivering a comprehensive suite of energy intelligence down to an individual property level.

To discover how Energeo can support your Authority's renewable energy and sustainability ambitions, please contact us.

Energeo and Bournemouth Borough Council Using Satellites to Roll-Out EV Charge Points


Coleshill, UK, 16th March 2018

Energeo Ltd and Bournemouth Borough Council (BBC) will be using high resolution satellite imagery and machine learning analytics to identify suitable locations for Electric Vehicle Charge Points (EVCP’s) throughout the Borough. The project – titled CLEAN EV - is supported by the UK Space Agency as part of their ‘Space for Smarter Government Programme’, and will seek to utilise innovative machine led analytical techniques to address EVCP related issues such as availability of off-street parking, and on-street charge point safety and access.

“CLEAN EV is a truly innovative project addressing issues which Local Authorities are facing right now”, commented Ian Dee, CEO of Energeo. “By utilising very high resolution satellite imagery and machine learning, we aim to facilitate Bournemouth Borough Council’s EVCP roll out by proactively and pre-emptively identifying suitable locations for the required infrastructure”.

David Lawrence, Bournemouth Borough Council Energy Engineer said “The number of electric vehicles on the road will increase significantly in the coming years, which will require on-street EVCPs to be installed. However, there are a number of challenges that need to be addressed before the Council can install EVCPs on a widespread basis. This project will provide an evidence base to help overcome these challenges, and will make the town wide installation of on-street EVCPs a more realistic proposition”.

CLEAN EV, which will run until October 2018, will see the resulting data delivered via an intuitive Software as a Service (SaaS) online platform, removing the need for BBC to purchase 3rd party software or host and manage data in house. The SaaS delivery mechanism will also allow BBC stakeholders across departments to visualise, contextualise and interrogate the results of Energeo Ltd’s analysis against other data layers such as building solar potential.

To learn more about the project, or to discover how Energeo can support your organisation, email info@energeo.co.uk


Editors Notes

Energeo Ltd utilise geospatial Big Data, Open Data, and innovative automated analytics including Machine Learning, to provide clients with unique intelligence into existing energy performance and the future potential for renewable energy or sustainability – whether an individual site, a portfolio of locations, or entire urban areas.

Energeo combine geospatial analysis of the physical and structural environment with socio-demographic and consumer intelligence, creating proprietary insights at a higher level of granularity, which are utilised to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy by:-

-        Enabling and supporting the creation of clean energy strategies

-        Facilitating energy project identification and implementation

-        Streamlining lead generation and promotional/marketing campaigns

-        Supporting public engagement and awareness programmes

-        Understanding microgeneration impact on traditional energy infrastructure

-        Informing property retrofit and fuel poverty mitigation plans

Energeo’s unique approach to product and service creation and development has seen the organisation acquire a formidable reputation for innovation, collaborating with the European Space Agency, Innovate UK, UK Space Agency, and the Satellite Applications Catapult.


Energeo Launch New Solar FiTMap


1st March 2018, Coleshill, UK

Energeo Ltd today launched FiTMap; a GIS compatible dataset which details the number of solar installations at both postcode and UK Census output area level. Derived from the Central Feed-in-tariff Register, this product is an ideal tool for organisations looking to analyse trends in solar deployment, identify target geographies for solar related services, or build strategies to increase renewable energy adoption. Contact info@energeo.co.uk for more information including pricing and update schedules.