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Now available as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure module of Energeo’s LOCATE platform reduces the time and effort associated with assessing site suitability for EV chargepoint (EVCP) deployment.

LOCATE combines an intuitive, map-based user interface with easy-to-use visualisation and interrogation tools, specifically designed to allow EVCP site suitability surveys to be undertaken rapidly and directly from the desk-top..

A screenshot of LOCATE

Powered by award winning data products

LOCATE hosts Energeo’s award winning, geospatially derived EVCP centric data products, delivering critical intelligence on private parking availability, footway widths, parking volumes, existing EVCP locations and catchment areas, and more.

LOCATE is already being used by Oxfordshire County Council to support their on-street EVCP deployment strategy, and underpinning data is currently enabling East Lothian, Bournemouth, and Milton Keynes to accelerate the transition to electrified mobility.

A screenshot of LOCATE showing EVCP sites in Oxfordshire

LOCATE is designed to: -

  • Allow potential EVCP deployment sites to be assessed from the desk-top, reducing the need for physical surveys
  • Provide critical additional context on potential EVCP deployment sites through multiple mapping layers and bespoke data integration
  • Facilitate pro-active identification of EVCP deployment sites through an open-interface, via intuitive search and viewing tools
  • Make unavoidable physical site surveys more timely and cost effective by enabling the surveyor to arrive at site pre-armed with information

LOCATE is designed for: -

  • EVCP Developers/Installers – looking to identify and validate new business opportunities for their EV infrastructure products and services
  • Local Authorities – who need the tools and evidence base upon which to build an actionable EV infrastructure strategy and to rank and prioritise their investments
  • Consultants – requiring geographic context and empirically observed intelligence to support and enhance their consultative approach

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