Unique insights into existing energy usage and renewable and sustainable technology feasibility


By combining assessment and analysis of both the physical and socio-demographic environments, proprietary intelligence is delivered to enable clean energy strategies, promotional and marketing campaigns, or public engagement and awareness programmes, to be created to a more granular level than ever before.


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City Level Energy Analysis

CLEAN delivers comprehensive sustainability intelligence at city scale and to individual property level.


Understand the energy generating potential of buildings, land and even highways networks.


CLEAN Ground

Identify land and gardens with the right characteristics for housing ground source heat technology.



Building roof and external wall heat loss and energy efficiency analysis and industrial heat behaviour monitoring



CAPE is a Smart Cities award winning web service that empowers citizens and Local Authorities to create energy projects.

Geospatial Products

Energeo are licensed OS and Google Maps Partners, and reseller of geospatial data from a number of leading suppliers.