Energeo’s Electric Vehicle Charge Point (EVCP) service - CLEAN EV - utilises Geospatial Big Data and Machine Learning to identify and measure assets and features critical to EV charge point roll out, providing Local Authorities and EVCP stakeholders with detailed intelligence on suitable on-and-off-street install locations across complex urban environments. 

CLEAN EV integrates key data, including street lighting infrastructure, parking regulations, and electricity grid constraints, enabling a deeper understanding of where and how EVCP's should be installed. All data is delivered via an intuitive, browser based web portal to minimise client-side hosting and management and facilitate interrogation, visualisation and contextualisation.



- Proactive EVCP strategy creation

- Rapid response to resident and business requests

- Onward access to further Government grants/funding

- Cataloguing of private off-street parking

- Footway width analysis