City Level Energy Analysis - CLEAN

Energeo’s City Level Energy Analysis – CLEAN - service offers a comprehensive audit of the sustainable energy potential for entire urban areas at an individual property level. Intelligence delivered per property includes solar suitability, energy storage potential, GSHP suitability, roof and external wall heat loss levels, building age, building type and building tenure.


Energeo’s CLEAN service is the ideal platform on which to create and implement urban regeneration schemes; public engagement and awareness campaigns; emissions reduction and energy saving programmes; direct marketing and targeted promotional drives; community energy schemes; fuel poverty mitigation strategies.

Energeo utilises a combination of satellite and airborne imagery, including thermal infrared, alongside Ordnance Survey mapping data and specifically identified B2B and B2B data in order to create the most comprehensive remote individual property energy assessment service available. Specific elements of the CLEAN service are available on a modular basis:-

-          CLEAN Solar (Buildings, Land, Highways)

-          CLEAN Heat (Building heat loss)

-          CLEAN Ground (Property GSHP suitability)