Energeo provide clients with unique insights into existing energy performance and future renewable and sustainable energy potential – whether individual sites or across entire cities or regions. By combining assessment and analysis of both the physical and socio-demographic environments, proprietary intelligence is delivered to enable clean energy strategies, promotional and marketing campaigns, or public engagement and awareness programmes, to be created to a more granular level than ever before.

Energeo has acquired a formidable reputation for its innovative approach to product and service creation and delivery. The European Space Agency (ESA) and Satellite Applications Catapult are supporting Energeo’s development of  renewable energy and sustainability applications from satellite technology (the benefits of this research will be passed on directly to our commercial partners and clients). Additionally, Energeo were recent finalists in the Ordnance Survey’s ‘GeoVation’ Challenge series.

Energeo has more than 75 years combined experience in services to the Sustainable Energies sector. This includes roles at Board, Management, Product Development, Finance and Operations levelswith leading organisations across Space, Mapping, Environment and Energy industries.